Assembly Line

Fatigue in the workplace has a direct correlation to decreased productivity and increased accidents. Keep your team comfortable and safe with anti-fatigue mats, making sure that your workers have an uninterrupted surface to walk on.


Create a comfortable work space for meetings with durable matting that has the look of high-end carpet but is incredibly durable.


Kitchen safe anti-fatigue matting helps to prevent slips and other workplace injuries while combating musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). We have a variety of suitable matting products for your cafetria or kitchen space.


Protect your staff and prevent accidents in high voltage areas with electrical insulating safety matting. These mats provide high voltage protection with a slip-resistant surface.


Make an impact and enhance your image with logo or brand recognition within your elevator space. This is also the last opportunity to trap moisture on the ground floor of your building.

Exercise Room

Athletic flooring or matting provides a safe, durable surface for physical activity and can help reduce noise and prevent impact damage.

Exterior Front Entrance

Stop dirt, debris and contaminants from entering your buildin with Edgewood's exterior entrance matting systems or matting solutions.

Effective for primary points of entry, we have the right mat or series of mats that can be customized for each entrance to your building. Designed to complement the appearance of the entryway, entrance systems from Edgewood are developed with keen attention to detail, ensuring they perform as they should. 


Decrease noise pollution and protect your floors in busy, high traffic areas with durable runner mats that will help keep your floors looking new.

Heavy Equipment

Protect your people, your equipment and your products with impact- and slip-resistant anti-fatigue mats.


Protect sensitive equipment and reduce downtime caused by dust contamination and static discharge with speciatly matting solutions.

Lab/Clean Room

Keep dust or biological contamination away from sensitive equipment or materials.

Disinfectant mats are effective for the passive application of disinfectant solutions to reduce the risk of contamination.

Clean room mats provide hi-tech dust and dirt control, trapping fine particles and are perfect for medical facilities, labs and dust sensitive environments.


Create a stunning first impression with a logo and cust om design and keep staff, guests and visitors alike safe from slip-and-falls.


Protect your floor from castor-wear while minimizing noise pollution.


Anti-slip solutions for showers or change rooms that also help control the spread of biological materials.


Active office staff require portable, high quality anti-fatigue mat solutions for sit/stand workstations.

Shipping & Receiving

Fatigue in the workplace has a direct correlation to decreased productivity and increased accidents. Keep your workplace running smoothly with anti-fatigue matting that decreases discomfort and tiredness associated with standing for a long time on a hard surface. This matting can also reduce MSDs in the back, neck and lower extremities. 


Choose an Edgewood entrance system and stop dirt, debris and contaminants from entering your building. Effective for primary points of entry, these systems include a mat or series of mats that are customized for each entrance.

For heavy or medium traffic areas, consider a grill entrance mat system to effectively trap mud, dirt and soilage.


Protect your tools or products during handling with floor and shelf liners and designate/define safe walking areas through your facility.

Warehouse Entrance

Prevent slip-and-fall instances by trapping coarse dirt and debris from entering your facility.


These mats are designed to withstand sparks, welding flux and slag - up to 1500 C. Anti-fatigue options are also available that are resistant to high heat.